Provale® Cup Features and Benefits

The Provale® Cup delivers a fixed amount of thin liquids with every normal drinking motion. The design encourages normal drinking motion, may assist in patient re-training and potentially more patient/resident independence and helps assure patient compliance to drink Small Swallows®.


  • The Cup is manufactured in an ISO/GMP FDA registered facility, meets strict quality control standards and has a registered CE Mark.

Designed to look similar to a "travel mug"

  • This design maintains patient/resident dignity and can be used in the clinical, home or outdoor setting.

Designed with Safety in mind

  • The Cups are color coded for safety to help insure correct fluid delivery – 5cc or 10cc.
  • The Cups have a patented "anti suck" design to help prevent potential over delivery.
  • The Cups have accurate delivery (5cc or 10cc) within specification.
  • The Cup handles snap in place for security and are not to be detached after assembled.
  • The handles are designed with a large surface area for easy patient grip.
  • The Cup has a broad round base, not easy to tip over.

Ease of Handling

  • The Cup assembly consists of three pieces that snap together and can only be assembled one way.
  • Cups can be disassembled and washed, like other food service items, in an industrial washer
    (no valves, nipples, etc. that needs special hand washing).

Cost Effective

Provale Cup Compared to Pre Thickened Liquids



Cost of Pre Thickened Liquids and Servings per Day

Liquid Type Cost / serving # of servings Total
Milk $0.376 / serving 2 / day $0.752 / day
Juice $0.340 / serving 4 / day $1.360 / day
Water $0.225 / serving 3 / day $0.675/ day
Total Daily Cost $2.787 / day

Cost of Pre Thickened Liquids and Servings per Year

Annual Cost of Pre Thickened Liquids $2.787 X 365 days $1,018.35
Cost of Provale Cups (list price) $39.95 X 5 cups $199.75

Cost Comparison

$1,018.35 Cost of Pre Thickened Liquids par Patient per Year
$199.75 Cost of Five (5) Provale Cups per Patient
$818.60 Cost Savings per Patient per Year
  • "Before you thicken it, consider sipping it."
  • Use of the Provale® Cup generates significant cost savings when compared to prethickened liquids.

Clinical Benefit

Delivers a fixed amount of fluid which could potentially improve:

  • Patient compliance regarding Small Swallows® of fluid.
  • Improved overall patient hydration.
  • Patient independence and safety by delivering a fixed amount of fluid and anti suck feature.
  • Relearning to drink utilizing a normal drinking motion.
  • Good nose clearance and an angled channel which allows proper chin position.
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