Ordering Information and Product Tips


Orders are received daily. Shipments are made on Tuesday and Friday.

Ordering by the case (6 cups) saves 5% on the cost of the cup and almost $40.00 on shipping when compared to ordering cups one at a time.

Mixed cases can be ordered.

Orders can be placed online, by fax or by phone. When ordering by fax, and paying with a credit card, please make sure to include:

  • name on the card,
  • card type,
  • card number,
  • card expiration date,
  • card security code.


In order to operate effectively, there is a small opening in the inner lid. That small opening allows air to enter the cup in order to displace the fluid from the drinking spout. This opening is opposite the drinking spout, so if the cup is tilted backwards, some liquid may leak out from the cup.


  • 5cc is approximately one (1) teaspoon of liquid
  • 10cc is approximately two (2) teaspoons of liquid
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