Clinical Benefits

Swallowing Disorders

For those who suffer from swallowing disorders (dysphagia), the simple task of drinking can be a daunting challenge. Because those with dysphagia have a higher risk of choking, they may require constant assistance from a caregiver which can result in feeling a loss of independence.

Physically, dysphagia sufferers may experience dehydration and malnourishment. Of greater concern is that more than 100,000 Americans die each year from aspiration pneumonia, a complication related to dysphagia. Reliant Medical Products, Inc.® has developed a drinking cup to address the specific needs of those with dysphagia. The creators of The PROVALE® Cup are giving many with swallowing disorders a chance to increase their independence.

The Technology

Designed for dysphagia sufferers, The Provale® Cup delivers a fixed measured dose of fluid. When the cup is tilted in a normal drinking motion, liquid travels out of a measurement device. Before any additional liquid is released for consumption, the cup must be returned to an upright position and the drinking motion repeated. With each drinking action, the cup dispenses a small amount (5 cc or 10 cc, depending on cup model) of liquid that many dysphagia sufferers may be able to safely consume.

Consult with your medical professional prior to using the cup.

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